Randy Pond


My name is Randolph, but I go by Randy. I am an art educator and artist. I attended Red Deer College for two years and then transferred to the University of Lethbridge where I graduated in 1997 with my B.F.A. (Art) and B.Ed. degrees. I have been teaching ever since and love being creative. After University I did art for myself but really started to pursue a passion I have had for photography. My art never really hits the world of realism, I love abstract and mixing in a bit of realism. I find my realism work is based more with my photography. My drawings are just doodles I create and most often are from my imagination and not based on anything I am looking at. 

I recently purchased an iPad Pro and have really fell in love with creating digital art. It's something I hope to do more of and mix in some traditional art along the way. I love teaching students and seeing their passion and creativity for art inspires me so much. Thanks for checking out my little niche for art here on the massive web jungle.

I love God and currently hoping to use my art as a way to express my love for nature and the world that He created. Huge thanks to all my family, friends and those that support me. In 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer. When I was in the hospital I sketched a picture on my iPad of the title of a song that was my anthem during cancer. "This is My Father's World" was the song and it inspires a lot of my current art.